Dominations Hack

Dominations Hack – Crowns and Gold

I'm sure you all know Dominations is based on two concepts - city building and strategy. The strategies are helpful in keeping your city safe and conquering your enemies. The city building skills are important since you need to build right building, depending on the given situation. Mainly types of buildings are –

  • Training units
  • Workshop
  • Defensive
  • Economical

To build your city and get most out of it you need a lot of resources. Even if you create buildings, you still need to update them to improve efficiency. With this in mind we created Dominations hack which will help you to get the resources you need. Afterwards, you should put efforts in your strategy for better performance.

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Tips to Improve Your Game

The main thing is a strategist mindset. Think of this game like playing chess. You always need to be at least two steps ahead of your oponent. Aslo, knowing your oponent is one of the key factors for success. To domiate, players should focus on the following things.

  • Correct base establishment
  • Way to defend the base

If you want to master both aspects of the game, you should be focused on upcoming details.

How to build the base?

Base is the most important thing in the game. Earning of resources, attacking others, unlocking troops and numerous other activities are depending on the base and it's creation only. It's your headquaters for everything. You need to build the base in a right manner. Following are some major tips for such a task.

  • Animal hunting

Currency is the first requirement. The players are able to gather gold (main currency) by hunting the animals. You can hunt the foxes & rabbits. It is the best way of collecting funds for the beginners. Or, if you are already reading this you were lucky enough to find our hack. Because of this you can just skip collecting resources.

Some other ways (such as - gold mines, making roads for building connects and so on) are helpful in earning lots of gold.

  • Manage workers correctly

Everyone is required to keep their workshops busy and manage them with perfection. The players can keep their workers busy in following tasks.

  • Gathering items
  • Building process
  • Upgrading the buildings

When you are going to leave the game at once, then you need to make sure that the workers are busy.

  • Base upgrades

Upgrading the base is an essential activity. This is where you need to spend a lot - and it was one of the biggest reasons for us to create this Dominations hack. In case a player fails to upgrade buildings and other items it's a dead race. These types of players are stuck to a specific level and do not able to face high-level players.

How to defend the base?

If you are not able to defend the base adequately, then it does not matter that how much battles you win. For creating a defensive base, the players should focus on below-mentioned tips.

  • Forest clearance

On the base, the forest is covering lots of space, and you should try to clean it quickly. Cleaning of forest and unnecessary tress provides an open space. As a result, you can form the base as per the requirement or strategy.

  • Be focused on defensive buildings

Everyone should pay the desired attention to the defensive buildings. These types of buildings are helpful in keeping enemies far from the base and eliminate them during the raid. The players should place these types of buildings correctly and far from the reach of the attacker.

  • Upgrade defensive units

You need to upgrade the defensive units wisely. Upgrading these buildings makes the defense strong. It becomes possible by increasing the damage rate and unit XP. Consequently, the defensive units are facing attack efficiently and increase the chances of victory.

Now when you know all the basic tips for the game and have free access to our Dominations cheat you will be able to enjoy the game in a no time. Step-up your game, work on your strategy and dominate other nations!